Petr Cech is a Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition consultant and was born in the Czech Republic in Prague, in 1974, but moved to Denmark in 1998. Shortly after moving to Denmark he became a vegetarian, and soon enough he also transitioned to eating a vegan diet, based on ethical considerations. In 2002 Petr discovered the Raw Food diet, as a way to naturally improve the health of his wife at the time, as she was suffering from diabetes 1. He rapidly got fascinated by this way of living, and learned more about Nutritional Science, the Natural Hygiene Health Philosophy and the advantages of living on a fruit based diet, inspired by Dr. Douglas Graham, the author of the 80/10/10 diet book.

From the very beginning he thoroughly enjoyed this lifestyle and have experienced many benefits from living on a 100% Raw Food, fruit based diet. For example, he nowadays no more experience frequent flues and influenzas and is also free from psoriasis, joint pain and stomach discomfort. These ailments cleared up after sticking to a healthy lifestyle and a 100% Raw Food diet.

Petr has arranged the international raw food festival Fresh Food Festival from 2008 to 2013 in Sweden and Denmark and a fruit retreat in Thailand in 2010. Beside doing workshops and lectures on raw food and fruits in Denmark and the Czech Republic he has also arranged numerous potlucks, fruit gatherings and raw food christmas lunches, where he was the raw food chef, since 2004. He also holds a certification in classical thai massage.

He also contributes with articles to various magazines and websites on topics such as raw food, exotic fruits and travelling.

Since 2006 he has been travelling to South East Asia during the winter season and has spent time in especially Thailand, to explore the world of tropical fruits.

In his former work-life, he has been working as an IT consultant for more than 15 years and has extended computer knowledge from jobs in both Czech Republic and Denmark.

Today his main interests are healthy lifestyle, fruit knowledge, tropical fruits, Natural Hygiene, spiritual life, veganism and fitness.



Alexandra Cechova was born and has lived most of her life in Sweden. From early- to mid twenties she has been eating a vegetarian diet, after being inspired by team mates in her softball team and other friends eating a vegetarian diet. Later on, in 2008, she switched to a vegan diet overnight, after listening to the podcast “Food for thought”, by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

In 2009 she tried to eat a 100% raw food diet for the first time, but did it the “high fat”-way, which did not work out long term. Luckily though, she met her future husband Petr in 2010, and got on to a fruit-based raw vegan diet in an instant. For about 2 ½ years Alexandra ate a 100% fruit based raw diet in periods, with cooked vegan foods added in periods in between. She always knew though that she wanted to transition to a fully raw diet in the future, because she felt amazing every time she stuck to the Raw Food diet. In 2012 Alexandra took the step into a 100% Raw Fruit Based Diet, with a lot of support and help from her husband. Today she is thriving on this diet and hopes to continue on for the rest of her life.

Being a registered nurse for more than ten years, Alexandra has worked in hospitals and nursing homes, as well as health care centers and in patient´s homes, both in Sweden and Norway. She also holds a Master´s degree in biology, specializing in plant systematic. Her training in biology and her experience as a nurse, has given her an in depth understanding of how crucial the consequences are of our nutrition and lifestyle to our health. She is certain that we all can contribute positively to our own health and the health of all other living organisms and the planet Earth, by simply switching to a plant based vegan diet. Alexandra has also done leadership training with the Swedish fitness chain Friskis & Svettis and is certified to lead classes in yoga.

Alexandra´s main interests today are fruits, fitness, growing foods, traveling, animals and Nature and her husband and family. She is also looking forward to build a foundation here at Cech´s mill together with her husband, where they plan to live, grow their own fruits and hold courses and retreats on the Raw Food Fruit Based Diet and lifestyle.