Coming into the end of a hot summer

We have not been posting here regularly, but we have for sure had a busy summer :) I highly recommend that you add me, Alex, on Instagram for new photos from our garden and our meals almost every day. You will find me at alexandracechova on IG.


Bowl of nectarines and figs – before dinner fruit meal :)

Our garden has been really productive this first year, and we are now enjoying zucchinis, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers and corn right from the garden. We did also get a couple of sweet apricots and peaches, but the trees need a few more years before giving us a hopefully more plentiful harvest. We are still waiting for the melons to ripen up – they have grown rapidly the last few weeks as the weather has been HOT to say the least.


A Piel de Sapo waiting to ripen.

We have been to three different raw food festivals this summer, all here in Europe. The first one we joined was the Rawfest here in Czech, in Prague – attracting thousands of people during two days. You could taste different raw food products and delicous foods and fruits as well as listen to inspiring lectures and joining yoga or other activities. Petr held a lecture on Raw food myths, very interesting and highly appreciated. Among other speakers you could listen to Mimi Kirk and Tim Shieff, raw food and vegan advocates. If you are interested in learning more about Rawfest, check out their website for more info on the coming Rawfest in 2016 and make sure you come visit if you are in Prague next year in June.

Petr Rawfest2015

Petr holding his lecture at the Rawfest 2015.

The next festival for us to visit, and work at, was the Raw food festival Midsummer Fruit Celebration, held at Mundekulla retreat center in the South of Sweden. We were invited as raw food chefs and prepared delicious meals for about 55 participants during the four festival days. It was hard work – and very rewarding, we had a blast! We also had access to the most delicious fruits that was ripe for the season and could serve a menu of fruits and gourmet raw foods, all made from whole food without any salt or oil. People sure seemed to find the foods delicious. Petr also held a lecture on his experiences from eating a raw food fruitbased diet for more then 12 years, and the participants could also enjoy lectures and food demos from among others rawfood chef and skater Chris Kendall (Canada) and rawfood chef and teacher Janne Larsen (Denmark/Norway). Make sure you check out this festival next summer for four amazing raw food days at the beautiful Mundekulla retreat center.


Part of the breakfast buffet at Mundekulla Raw food Festival.

The third festival we visited and worked at, was of course the Fresh Food Festival in Denmark. The Fresh Food Festival (FFF) is, as far as I know, the longest running consecutive Raw food, fruit festival in the world! Petr was one of the founders back in 2008, and is now working for Louise Koch (see her Youtube here) as the produce manager at the festival. I, Alex, work as the guest coordinator, taking care of all emails and making sure the guests are placed in their rooms and have everything they need. The festival was truly amazing and we had a blast, meeting old and new friends from all walks of life. The Fresh Food Festival is truly a great event to attend, not only because of the delicious food and fruits (durian and honey mangos for example!) but also for all the great talks by long time rawfooders sharing insights and inspiration and the connections and friendships that are made during the festival. We also had a blast during one evening as we had a “talet show”, where people displayed all kinds of talents, from singing or playing an instrument, to beat-boxing or qi-gong mastery… truly amazing to see all the talents the participants shared. I really urge you to check out the website for more info on the Fresh Food Festival and hopefully join us next year :)


Panel discussion at the FFF, with Paul & Yulia Tarbath, Louise Koch, Rosalind Graham, Anne Osborne, Petr Cech, Douglas Graham and Chris Kendall.

I truly hope you also are having a fruit filled, sweet summer and please follow my Instagram for updated photos from our garden and daily life if you are interested in what we are up to. Many fruit blissings,